How to use pngcrush, to compress an image

23 11 2011
Often the size of an image becomes a problem for us, especially for web designer. If the image size quite large, then the web will be loaded any longer. Type of image that we will discuss here is the png, because png is often used in web design especially for that requires transparency effects.

Actually a lot of tools that can be used for compress png, such as: optipng, pngoptimizer, pngcrush, pngrewrite, pnggauntlet, advancecomp, and others. But according to the title above, I would like to discuss how to use pngcrush for compress an image.

Pngcrush is a free software, open source for optimizing png image files. It canbe run from a command line in an msdos window, or from a unix or linuxcommand line. it can reduce the file size without reducing the quality of the original image. The quality of the compressed image file same as original image.
You can download pngcrush here. For example, I use pngcrush-1.7.15executables. After you download the software, please follow these steps:
1. put “pngcrush.exe” in the directory C: \ Users \ Your_Computer_Name \
2. place the image to be compressed in the same directory
C: \ Users \ Your_Computer_Name \
3. Open a command line (cmd.exe), then typing the following:
pngcrush -reduce -brute original_file.png destination_file.png

note: original_file.png file to be compressed. destination_file.png is the name of the file after compress.

For instance, I will compress files command.png then the command I use
pngcrush -reduce -brute command.png command2.png
Then wait until the process is complete.
Will display a new file with the name command2.png with a smaller size than command.png but the same quality.
Good luck.



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